Aerial Photography with Drones

Quadcopter Photography and Video

The advances in drone technology and lightweight cameras have combined for some affordable consumer level packages that are pretty amazing. The DJI Phantom when combined with the GoPro camera has been a real game changer. The DJI Phantom is a very affordable, out-of-the-box ready to fly quad copter.  

The results from this combination can provide images and videos that were not possible before at this price level - certainly not for the amateur. An excellent example is this video taken above Niagara Falls. 

Larger models costing as much as $15-20,000 provide stabilization for smooth video, offer heavier payloads and extended flight times. The results can be dramatic for marketing purposes as shown below.   


  Custom Cinestar Ready to Fly from

 Custom Cinestar Ready to Fly from

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To purchase a Quadcopter: - Kyle is excellent contact at this Montana based company. 

Example Videos: